About B10 Union

B10 Union founders, Patrick Blake and Matt Hicks, met up in 2012 and began sharing shop space in the West End. After working on separate projects in the same shop, they started seeing the value of collaboration and began partnering on projects and building a shared client base. In 2015 they moved to Reynoldstown and started adding to the team. 

B-10 Union is a woodworking, metal fabrication, and custom finishing collective. We specialize in hardwood and steel furniture and fixtures for both commercial and residential spaces. We place a high value on collaboration, teamwork, and community. We strive to communicate clearly and build lasting products and thriving relationships in our city. We love considering all projects ranging from one-off custom tables to full restaurant and commercial furniture packages. 


Who We Are

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Matt Hicks


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Davis Knowles

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Brian Witkovsky

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Patrick Blake


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Quenton Colby

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Andrew Baranak

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Rob Weeks

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Nick Adams

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Shop Pup

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Mike Hymer

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Andrew Hooper